06 December 2010

This is the man I'm going to marry...

Oh, yeah, this is the nifty completely frozen mushroom we found in the Narnia landscape:

 Spooky frozen goodness:

02 December 2010

The way to Narnia...


The way to Narnia... winds down Highway 96, along the Klamath River in Northern California. 

It curls up and into the mountains through tunnels of madrone, cedar, and fir. 

We caught our glimpse of the frozen forest at Thanksgiving this year, traveling to Dustin's childhood home and family homestead in the Siskiyou Mountains, where the water (delicious yummy pure water!) finds its way from the heights of a mountain spring to the cabin faucets via a mile or so of plastic pipes. 

When the mercury dips below freezing and water sprays from a leaking pipe, one would almost think that the White Witch had paid a visit...

13 October 2010

Barcelona, Spain... last winter

Sending a shout out to Miss Ball with this shot of Park Guell. A beautiful yet crispy cold December day saw Dustin and me scurrying around Barcelona for the sights. Thank you, Gaudi, for such wonderful architecture!

27 September 2010

Remembered Rosé

A last little lunch at La Decoratrice with miss Rachel Farnam of Le Talon Bas.

21 September 2010

Chemin de St. Jacques..

One of the many "Fairy Forests" Dustin and I wandered through on our four-day sample of the Camino this past spring...